November 30, 2007

Christmas Recipe

I am beginning to insulate myself from the endless Christmas advertising and promotions that are bombarding me with increasing frequency and ferocity here at the turn of the month. I no longer want to listen to the local "Christmas carols 24/7" radio station. I have not lost my love for the Charlie Brown Christmas special, but I am teetering on the brink.

A few weeks ago, I met a friend for coffee at Starbucks. The handwritten chalkboard listing of "Coffees of the Day" included the "Chrismas Blend." I gently mentioned the missing "t" in Christmas to a barista. She cheerily replied, "I guess I was too busy when I wrote it and I'm too busy to change it now!"

I am seriously seeking ways to turn off the hurry.

I have a new Christmas recipe for 2007:

1) One gift per recipient under my tree. Let's do some "smart shopping" after Christmas when everything is on sale.

2) Attendance at a Christmas Eve service with hymns and candles, followed by hot cocoa and a good night's sleep.

3) Fewer decorations around the house. Use that time to play games, visit friends, and take naps.

4) Sacred "listening time" each day between Christmas and New Year's days. Take structured time to reflect, plan, pray, and goal set for the year ahead.

Sounds yummy. We'll see how it tastes.

1 comment:

wisdomteachesme said...

very loving thoughts to have for oneself, and a good way to start the year would be to do those on your list everyday.

i also dislike the hussle and shallowness of all the ads, the blaring music, everything being labeled "christmas this or that".

good ideas, to treat oneself to the presence of God daily is a great gift!

i could not make it through the day without doing just that-spending as much thinking time with Him as i can and just talking to Him.