April 10, 2009

Crucifixions are too ugly

it's an ugly picture. It's a picture I want to look away from, something I don't want to consider. I want no obligation or responsibility for the suffering clearly present here. If someone tells me this man died for me, my natural reaction is to say, "oh well...who told Him to do that?"

...and really, no one told Him. He made the rules. I broke the rules. Instead of charging the penalty, He bought me out and wrote off the debt. That makes me uneasy...why would anybody do that? There's a catch somewhere because no one really gives away anything truly valuable...and why all the blood?

...don't make me guilty for this man's blood. That is totally uncalled for.

...what would happen if, every day, you tore a little bit of your flesh, your spirit, and your sanity away from yourself? Some people call that sin.If you keep doing it, you'll be bloody and broken. What does it cost to put all of that back together? It's expensive, time consuming, and painful. The bloody sacrifice of the man in this picture is an image of how far we have fallen from what was meant for us.

...want a nice, clean, antiseptic salvation? Truthfully, it can't be had because it always takes more to put something back together than it takes to rip it apart.

(c) 2009 deborah evans

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