April 28, 2009

United for Hope and Hunger, April 29

6.7 billion people live on the earth.

963 million of those people are hungry every day.

16,000 children die every day from hunger related causes.

That means one child every five seconds (tick-tick-tick-tick-tick). And now another...(tick-tick-tick-tick-tick)...and now another...


A little view of hunger

They call it a newspaper.
But it looks like something to use for the fire.
It has pictures of people sitting at long tables of food.
White cloths cover the table, metal pieces sit on top of the cloths.

There rest fowl and fish and bread and vegetable and fruit and milk and meat...
Enough for twenty, or twenty-five, to eat and share.
They say only six eat so much food.
That cannot be true.

They call it a newspaper.
Pictures of people smiling and laughing with their food.
Hot food, cold food, wine and water, fresh bread and cold cow's milk.
Can so few eat and drink so much?
That cannot be real.

They call it a newspaper.
It is a fairy tale, a story to make children smile.
So few cannot eat so much.
A gallon of cow's milk for only six?
Meat and fish and fowl and bread and vegetables and fruit...
Will only six eat enough for twenty or twenty-five?
It is a fairy tale, a story for children, a story to make children smile.

(c) 2009 deborah evans

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