October 2, 2007

Find Another Place

One writer said it this way: "Isiah Thomas is not the biggest boor at the Madison Square Garden."

Now that the jury has decided the plaintiff, Anucha Browne Sanders, made her case and was harassed by Thomas in her executive position at MSG, what happens next? My hope is Mrs. Browne Sanders will find another place to work. In the lawsuit, Browne Sanders requested reinstatement of her $260,000 per year job.

During a recorded deposition played back during the trial, Thomas said he would be deeply offended if a white man called a Black woman a bitch, but he personally didn't feel as negatively about a Black man calling a Black woman the same thing. I suppose there's a sense of "ownership" regarding Black women that lives in Thomas' mind . I'm happy the jury picked up on that little clue.

The court has ruled: $11.6 million in punitive damages will be owed to Browne Sanders. Everyone, including Thomas, has stated an appeal will be made. Thomas may not be the "biggest boor" at Madison Square Garden, but his smile makes him the slimiest one. Would you like to work for this man?

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