November 17, 2007

Jesus Christ, The Rescuer

Jesus Christ is my rescuer. Why does He rescue me?

He rescues me because He loves me. In His love, He looks upon me with favor, compassion, and a desire to see me grow and express my skills, gifts, and abilities. Each day, when I leave home or even before I leave home, I remind myself: "His banner over me is love." (Song of Solomon 2:4). I am a member of His party, His cohort, His camp. I carry His banner. His banner over me is love.

His love is affirming, but challenging. His love is deep enough to save me from the pit, from the "valley experiences" of life. His love is also persistent enough to keep pushing me to the next level, even when I don't want to go. When I begin to feel content or too comfortable with the quality and features of my life, I know Jesus will begin prompting me to get ready to move to the next level.

His prompts become increasingly stronger and louder, as necessary. It is the love of Christ that never leaves us where we are, no matter how comfortable or safe we have become.

Best of all, He doesn't send me on the journey alone. Jesus Christ not only rescues me, but He stays with me on the journey. As with His first disciples, He goes ahead of me (Matthew 28:7). In His love, Jesus never asks me to go to a place he hasn't prepared. He always finds a way to let me know He has gone ahead of me, and staked out a path in the unfamiliar places. With Him, there is no unknown future and unknown destiny.

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