February 8, 2008

Can God Be Trusted? Part 2

Testimony is often considered reliable evidence in legal proceedings and in historical research. History has preserved thousands of years worth of testimony about God's relationship with humans. Some of this testimony is recorded in the Bible.

Can an ancient book have any relevance for anyone living today? Millions find purpose and inspiration here, but take a look for yourself. Read and explore with an openness to the ideas presented in the Bible. Any book which has influenced so many people for thousands of years deserves some thoughtful consideration.

A key message of the Bible is not humanity reaching out to God, but God reaching out to humanity. We don't naturally seek to know and understand God and often doubt God's existence or interest in what's happening on Earth. The God of Christianity is a God reaching out to us, not waiting for us to live up to a standard or follow a set of rules.

A loving God who reaches out to you is trustworthy. You won't know for sure until you reach back. Believe this: if millions of people over thousands of years in every culture have found purpose, peace, and a sense of direction through their relationship with God, there's something there worth knowing.

You won't know until you're willing to know. But you can find out for sure at any time.

There will never be enough data or information to overwhelm the logic of someone who doesn't want to know something. So, ultimately, you must answer for yourself the question of whether God is trustworthy. I can tell you that in my experience, God is absolutely and completely trustworthy and the only reason I can speak with such certainty is because I can recount many, many times when I've turned to God while seeking direction, protection, or insight and these things were provided.

No one, however, will force the issue upon you and that fact alone speaks to God's love and courtesy toward humans. You can choose to know or you can choose to not know. In this exercise, you can test and measure your own evidence. The testimonies of millions of others say this: when I reached out to God in hope and honesty, I found God to be loving, reliable, and trustworthy.

What do you say?

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