April 14, 2008

Genocide Redux

I watched this video and realized I have an answer to one of the "big"questions.

One of the great criticisms of Christianity has been the statement that a loving, all-powerful God would not allow the atrocities that exist and have existed in human history. Yet, it is human history we are talking about. If we are as good as we would like to be and as good as some insist we inherently are, we would not allow these atrocities. Are the critics insisting God appear (physically) , smack us down for not doing the right thing, and then fix the messes we've made and allowed? Some believe that day will come. It's not here yet.

If you think what's in this video isn't an atrocity, stop reading.

I don't completely understand why these tragedies continue in the human story, but I have learned one thing while watching this video and others like it: left to our own devices, humans cannot make this world what it should be. We won't sacrifice and speak up to demand justice and fairness. We will look the other way and tell ourselves there is nothing we can do about it; the problem is too big; it is too far away and does not really have anything to do with us. We will take less than ten minutes to convince ourselves our own problems are more pressing and more immediate.

So, why are these tragedies happening? As someone has written, they happen because we allow them to happen. Remember the cries of "never again" after the holocausts of World War II? Well, here we are again.

Why does anyone doubt we need God to save us? It is obvious we can't or won't save ourselves. Does anyone need more proof of this truth?

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