May 28, 2008

Political Murder Is Not Funny

I'd planned something else for today's post.

Instead I'm asking readers to follow the link in the title and make a statement in support of elections without political murder as a "flavor of the month." View Liz Trotta's on-air comments here:

Mike Huckabee's "joke" (at a National Rifle Association meeting) about Barack Obama getting shot, Hiliary's reference to the political murder (I hate the word assassination; it's too clean and clinical) of Bobby Kennedy in 1968, and finally Liz Trotta's comment on Fox News suggesting that Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden should "both be shot" tell me that something deeply and personally ugly has come up for air in this campaign.

Regardless of your political position, my hope is you will sign the petition in the title link because you don't want elections to be determined by murder or the fear of murder. Regardless of how politically conservative or liberal you may be, you understand how "either side" can and may begin to use the threat of political murder (or, the very action) to impact outcomes if this type of talk goes on the airwaves unchallenged. Apologies aren't enough.

And yes, I view this type of speech as the equivalent of shouting fire in a crowded theatre.

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