June 17, 2008

A little bit of time in a little bit of space

I have, on the wall space over my desk, a National Geographic map of the world. It's a physical map, displaying Earth's geology and geography without regard for political boundaries. I take a slow look at this map whenever I need to put myself, my problems, or my concerns in perspective. I am occupying a little bit of time in a little bit of space. If I really need to put things in perspective, I find photos of deep space. Looking at those images never fails to refocus my understanding of who is running the cosmos, including the little bit of space I am currently occupying.

I was saddened and truly sorrowful when I learned of Tim Russert's passing. I was a huge fan of his program, Meet the Press. In the days before the show offered a netcast, I was late for church a few Sundays when I couldn't tear myself away from the program. Tim Russert and Meet the Press were two of my last remaining reasons to watch network television.

I admire excellence. Although Meet the Press had its faults, it was the Sunday morning interview program, presented by a host who was well-prepared and skilled in asking difficult questions and pursuing follow-up relentlessly and energetically. Russert will be missed. He raised the bar for all of his competitors. That's always a good thing. I always enjoy a soul-deep smile when I see a man or woman of faith carrying out their calling with enthusiasm and excellence.

Despite the accolades and the honors, at the end of the day we all occupy a little bit of time in a little bit of space. Then, it's on to eternity; a place longed for and desired and still almost unimaginable.

Travel well, Tim Russert. For you, I imagine the journey will be long and sweet and full of beautiful things to see and know.

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