November 6, 2008

A Prayer for the Obamas

Earlier today, I peeked in on a blog I visit from time to time; occasionally I comment there also. I was drawn to the title of the current post, which featured a request to pray. I pay attention when someone says "pray" because soon after, I can learn about or understand what they consider important.

The tone of the post was quite negative, with the entire focus on praying something "bad" or negative would not overcome the Obama family. I believe what you think about all day long happens to you (in some form) and prayers should be positive, not negative.

I do, however, totally believe in the power of answered prayers and spoken thoughts. Here is my prayer for the Obama family.

Father God:

I request You lift and hold the Obamas in your protective care.
I request your Presence with them always.
I request your controlling guidance in their thoughts, decisions, and actions.

I request your strength inspires their daily energies.
I request your strategic wisdom informs their plans.
I request your love enhances their vision.
I request your joy frames their comings and goings.

I request your holiness restrains their anger or disappointments.
I request your people support and assist them.
I request your power crates their enemies.
I request your salvation controls their destinies.
I request your purpose dominates their days.

Thank You.
It is done.

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