December 24, 2008

Holiday Reflections, Or Stuff I Don't Get

I have a two week break from my regular work schedule, so I have a little more time to blog and a little more time to think. At this time of year, I usually reflect on what has happened during the year and what I am looking forward to in the year to come. In the spirit of holiday humor, I realize there are some things that keep me scratching my head and wondering. There are some things I don't get.

1) Earlier this year, economists and their ilk told us (Americans) we were wrong not to save more of our incomes. Those of us who didn't regularly save a certain percentage of our income were berated for spending too much and not saving enough. Now, we are being told to spend, spend, SPEND in order to beef up the economy and kill the recession. I know that makes sense to somebody, but I don't get it.

2) George W. Bush is used to somebody throwing stuff at him! Is there any other explanation for his cat-like responses to the recent Iraqi reporter shoe throwing incident? Isn't the Secret Service supposed to protect the President in situations like these? Somebody assumed a lot in not expecting the shoes to contain more than smelly air. I am not in the Dubya Fan Club, but somebody should have taken that reporter down after the FIRST shoe was thrown. I don't get it.

3) Road and driving conditions are terrible right now in Michigan. In the pre-dawn haze of early morning, the announcer on my local all-news radio station tells those of us who must drive to be "kinder and gentler" in order to avoid road rage incidents. "Remember", the announcer says, "don't beep your horn, don't make hand gestures, don't flash your headlights..." or anything else that may aggravate, agitate, irritate, inflame, offend, or in any way provoke another driver to anger. Sounds good. But it's preaching to the choir. Those who need to know don't listen and those who listen don't need to know. Was the semi-crazed driver of that giant SUV who flew by, covering my windshield with snow and slush, paying attention to this advice? What about the woman with a car full of kids who looked like she'd kill to get in front of me in the drive-thru at Burger King? Was she listening? Those who need to know don't listen and those who listen don't need to know. Isn't it a little backwards, preaching to the choir? I don't get it.

Have a blessed Christmas! It is a day and a message worth celebrating: "The Word became flesh and lived a while among us. We have seen His glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth." (John 1:14).

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