March 11, 2009

Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy

These words, "Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy", comprise one of the oldest prayers of the church. What does it mean to accept the mercy of God?

I have become accustomed to thinking the mercy of God meant receiving one more chance to do it "my way", with a little supernatural backup from God. Now I know the real mercy of God means willingness to see and choose God's way. Mercy means courage to leave the comfortable and the familiar in search of the uncertain, the difficult, and the humanly impossible.

Living in the mercy of God is another way of staying in step with the Creator, of seeking His purpose and priority for my life. The mercy of God frees me from needing to know how every problem and conflict will be resolved. The mercy of God frees me from needing to see all problems "fixed" according to my standards before I can be happy and grateful. Mercy is the assurance goodness waits for me, seeks me, and has been appointed for me. Mercy is the conviction goodness cannot be overrun by fear, resentment, or neediness.

Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy.

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