March 20, 2009

World Water Day, 2009

Two Views

A view:

I've got to call a plumber,
that leaky faucet is such an irritation.
Maybe I'll call tomorrow.

Tomorrow: OK, I'm going to call that plumber.
Where's my coupon? Can't call without having my coupon handy.
I'll find it tomorrow.

Tomorrow: OK, I've got to call today.
Here's my coupon...oh, their offices are closed now? Leave a message? I'll call in the morning.

Morning: I've got to leave early for that meeting. I'll call the plumber
when I get to work.

To work: oh, darn...I left the coupon at home. I'll call when I get back...

A view:

getting up early to walk two hundred meters to the river for water
need firewood, too
how much can i carry?
i hope the soldiers don't see me walking alone
the baby is thirsty, my milk is drying up, i am hungry and thirsty
can't wash clothes this week, maybe next
dead caterpillars in my water jar, feces floating, can't give it to the baby
maybe the older children can drink it

i hope the soldiers don't see me walking alone
thank god...the sun is rising
i won't have to alone walk in the dark

(c) 2009 deborah evans

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