June 13, 2009

See, Recognize, Understand

For the past six months, I have worked on incorporating my 2009 resolutions into every area of my life. My 2009 resolutions, described in this blog at the beginning of the year, are: 1) listen, and 2) speak. My mid-year resolution, growing out of my practice with listening and speaking, is: see,recognize,understand.

I have learned how careful, active listening to others--as opposed to immediately debating and disputing what I don't agree with or quickly understand-- can empower me, the listener. I've gained knowledge and insight from just listening and allowing someone to fully and completely say what they wish to say. I have learned how hidden enemies will often expose themselves if they are allowed enough time to speak. I have learned how friends will find a way to meet me at my point of need or interest if I allow them to fully share what is on their hearts.

I have also gained a new appreciation for the value of speaking and speaking up. Coupled with concerned listening, speaking up can be one of the most freeing things we will ever do. Why have so many of us become accustomed to feeling we should not speak if someone else will be offended? Do I fear my own lack of verbal impulse control will sabotage my purpose in speaking up? Do I feel unworthy of being heard? Do I believe someone else always knows more than I know?

Listening and speaking have strengthened my ability and willingness to see, recognize, and understand what is happening in my life and in the experiences of others. Why do I often refuse to acknowledge what is before me? Do I fear the recognition of truth because knowing and understanding what is true will require me to speak or act in a new and different way? Is ignorance, however limiting, a type of bliss? How often have I given away my ability to recognize what was real because I feared the responsibility that accompanied knowledge?

Resolved, for the remainder of 2009: See,Recognize,Understand.

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