December 30, 2009

2010 Prep: Remember You Are An Immortal

Too many years ago, a TV show called Highlander told the story of Duncan MacLeod, an "Immortal" with a nearly endless life span.

We are all immortals, and will live somewhere forever. Everything we do is a part of our permanent history, a history that doesn't end with Earthly death. We continue.

Death was never the original intention of God for us. We die a physical death because of sin. We live eternally because that is God's ultimate purpose for us. We were created in His image, and His life never ends. The spiritual death often spoken of is a separation from God's love and His purposes, but spiritual death does not represent an ending to existence. There is no peaceful, empty oblivion for those who do not wish to know God. I believe and Scripture tells us there is a real Hell, a literal place and state of being no informed human would choose. Thankfully, no one arrives there without an intentional choice.

My intentional choice for 2010 is to remind myself each day of this: I am an immortal. I will live somewhere forever. My priorities and decisions have eternal implications and I will keep that truth in mind when I make choices about how to treat people, how to spend my time, and who deserves my highest and strongest allegiance.

I will live somewhere forever. Knowing this can be humbling, and even a little frightening. Still, it is true. What will I do with knowing I am an immortal?

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