December 19, 2009

Christ-mass Meditation #1: Liberal Return Policies Are In Force Here

"The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned." -- Isaiah 9:2

With less than a week before Christmas, news reports are offering projections on how much money shoppers will spend during this season. With the spending projections are warnings about paying careful attention to store gift return policies. Many retailers are tightening their policies to avoid fraud.

I have (fortunately and gratefully) had enough quiet time during this week to reflect on the happiness of what Christmas represents: because Jesus Christ came to the Earth and served as my "sin offering", I am no longer "stuck with" my purchases. I may return them. Also, I am freed from "re-gifting" those bad purchases!

I may return the boredom of wasted, useless hours spent in meaningless activities--and replace them with peaceful, God-ordained, eternally meaningful work and pleasures.

I may return unnatural sadness, long-term frustration, endless and unforgiving anger, and persistent disappointment and replace them with calm, curiosity, joy, and accomplishment.

I may return the isolation of loneliness or wounded relationships and take home connection, closeness, sharing, and laughter. Real laughter--not the faked, phony, or forced variety.

I may return fear and obtain heavenly boldness.

I may return uncertainty for the assurance that God has a meaningful plan for my life, one that will bring me contentment and will bring others light and life.

Returns are welcome. Because of Christ, returns are possible. There is the real merriment of Christmas.

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