January 7, 2010

Jumpstart 2010: Ask, But Do Not Insist

Dear God,

Thank you for answering my many questions about you, life, me, and what I am doing here. Thank you for refusing to answer every query about why other people are doing what they are doing. It really was none of my business. I appreciate your courtesy in responding to my true questions, my uncertainties formed as questions, and my lack of faith formed as questions.

I am grateful you have led me away from people who believe questions display a lack of faith. I appreciate you showing me how untrue that type of thinking is, and how damaging it can become. As I read your word, I see how honest, legitimate questions were clearly answered, and how those answers strengthened faith--not weakened it. I have come to understand how a true question demonstrates faith: if I didn't think you had all of the answers, I wouldn't ask you. If I didn't think you would share truth with me, I wouldn't look to you for truth.

From my point of view, I am now entering a new year and a new decade. I request your help in this area: please help me to stop insisting upon explanations for your actions and your ways of doing things and resolving problems.

I have a tendency to insist upon explanations and I now recognize that tendency as a real lack of confidence in you. I have learned from your word and from my experience about your goodness, your power, and your faithfulness. That knowledge should be enough, but sometimes it is not, and I am tempted to ask you to explain why certain things are happening and why you are not handling people and circumstances in a certain manner (usually my preferred manner). For this, I apologize and repent.

Please help me remember questions are good things. Explanations are at your total discretion.



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