March 31, 2010

Birth, Life, and Crucifixion. Why?

Why would God choose to live and die as a human being in order to atone for, or extinguish, our sin and sinfulness?

There is no human experience God, as Jesus Christ, cannot know and understand and empathize with. He knows our humanity because He lived it.

Childhood vulnerability. Teenage angst and frustration. The challenges and tedium of adult work and relationships. The love of a parent, and the frustration of sibling rejection.

Betrayal. The joy of close friends. The sadness of standing by the burial place of a loved one. Unjust ethnic and political oppression. A slow, painful death at the hands of enemies. Loneliness. Spiritual conflicts with the will of God in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Death. The tearing away of self from home, friends, family, and even the body.

He has known and will forever know all we know, have known, or will know.

The story doesn't end there...Sunday's coming!

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