March 30, 2010

Holy Week Meditation: Listen

Listen. Do I listen for God?

Do I think listening for God is a useful, time-worthy activity? I can call it prayer. I can call it meditation. I can call it "quiet time." Whatever term I use, the question remains: do I listen for God?

Do I expect God to fight His way through the noise I create and contain in my life, compel me to sit down and be still, and then force feed wisdom to me?

Yes, God is still speaking. Despite what others say, God is not changing His mind about our need for personal holiness, community caring and compassion for others, and a Spirit-filled heart. God is still speaking, but who's listening?

God is not telling me I need to pray five times a day, or position my body in a certain manner, but God is telling me I need to be still and listen. I need to clear the noise from my life for a certain number of minutes per day and just listen to God. Is this too much to ask?

Why do I resist the need to become quiet before God? Will I be reminded of my failures and faults? Yes, but God can restore me. Am I afraid I will be told to do something I don't want to do, to become someone I would not choose to become? Yes, but God can rearrange my heart so that I can find joy in living out the purpose for which I was created. Am I worried that God will ask me to apologize to someone I never want to speak to again? Possibly, but I can do that in His power as well.

What's my excuse? Why am I running away from encountering the Creator?

What do I think will happen if I reconnect what the "One Who Loves Me Beyond Words"?

Why do I think I can find peace apart from God? Why do I prefer chaos apart from God rather than peace in connection God? Why is it so hard to simply sit still and listen?

Holy Week is a time to simply sit and listen.

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