November 21, 2010

Finding Miracles

What does a miracle look like, and how do I know I have experienced a miracle?

I used to think of miracles as incredible healings, surprising financial gifts or favors, or an unaccounted for happening. Red Seas coming open, blinded eyes fixed, sick children healed, financially strapped churches saved from closing: these were my ideas of miracles.

Now, I have a different idea of what may make a miracle. I now think most miracles happen in small, quite places--perhaps while no one is looking; perhaps even while someone is sleeping. Somewhere in the quiet places of the heart, God works a miracle by changing a perspective or an outlook, by giving needed patience or endurance, by exploding some insight into a mind or heart, or just by adding a song to the soul of someone enduring a tiring, frustrating day.

Do I have the courage to declare:"Everyday God is working a miracle in my heart and in my life."? Am I willing to see these miracles, or am I just too certain that something or someone will never change, can never change?
What does my miracle look like, and how will I know when it arrives?

God is writing my name on miracles every day. Do I have the eyes to see them?

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