April 19, 2011

Four Key Words: "It Is Not Important"

A colleague at work shared a story with me, a very short story, with a sentence that jumped off the page: “It is not important.”

After I finished the story, that single phrase, “It is not important”, kept floating through my mind.

How many times might I have avoided irritation and setbacks if I could have remembered: “It is not important”? Unimportant things often scream for attention, demanding an immediate and often totally emotional response. Truly important concerns seem to wait quietly in the background--waiting for a reason-able mind to address what is meaning-full.

I will try to remember to ask myself “is this important?” the next time my mind, will, or emotions scream “do it!”, “say it!”, “believe it!” If events stay true to course, about fifty percent of the time, the answer will be “it is not important.”

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