May 17, 2011

Two Years And Counting: TV-Free!!

It's been over two years since I ditched the TV from my home, never to return! In a moment of inspiration, I decided the still, small voice telling me not to bother with upgrading my TV was worthy of my obedience.

Disclaimer: I watch videos online and we own a portable DVD player.

So, what has happened in the years since going TV-free?


have spent more time talking with friends, in person, by phone, and online,

have learned to cook at least a dozen new dishes, and am exploring more ways to make real art in the kitchen,

have perfected the art of silent sitting/meditation/deep breathing for fifteen minutes at a time,

have read more good books,

have lost weight,

have found time to do more volunteer work,

have learned to resist advertising (there's so little of it without the TV),

have found more accurate and internationally-oriented news sources,

have gotten more (and better!) sleep,

have basically lived a more complete, balanced life.

TV-free can be a good thing. You might want to give it a try. Too much to consider tossing the TV? Try a tv fast of seven or ten days. Just try it.

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