July 8, 2011

EGO = Exiting God's Outlook

One of the advantages of living as an adult is the option of choosing your outlook!

Whose outlook am I choosing? Why?

The world's outlook -- not the beautiful and orderly physical world created by God, but the fallen world system of twisted values and highly-energized, no holds barred self-promotion--leaves me a day late and a dollar short all of the time.

In the world's viewpoint, there is always something "wrong with me": too short, too fat, too skinny, too light, too dark, too-this and too-that. Not smart enough, not connected enough, not feared or respected enough, not productive enough, not good enough.

In God's outlook, those saved through faith in Christ always have enough and always are enough. Where I fall short, God fills in for me and makes up my losses. My only shortcoming is failing to see, recognize, and obey this truth.

When I EXIT GOD'S OUTLOOK, I am getting into EGO and I am getting into trouble. In ego, I have to make everything happen, I have to change and "fix" people who need changing and "fixing", and I have to do it all with a smile and a song, lest I be considered "unworthy" of my man-made success. EGO is a lot of work and a lot of agony and not much reward.

I choose God's outlook: never alone, never lacking purpose (i.e., never bored), never lacking love, and an eternal, happy ending is guaranteed.

God's outlook = 100.
EGO = 0.

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