August 3, 2011

"Feed My Sheep"--Do We?

Hunger is a big problem in the United States, as it is in many other countries. Are those of us in the US too proud to admit that in the "greatest country on Earth", we have a lot of hungry people who are making things look better than they are?

How can the Church--personally and corporately--respond to this?

Just as in spiritual matters, never assume things are as good as they appear. Who wants to admit they can't feed their children or themselves?

I have found that if I want to help, I can keep my eyes, ears, and heart open for things I don't expect to see, things I may not want to know.

It never hurts to invite someone over for a meal, share extra garden produce, or treat someone to a grocery/superstore gift card.

The gift of hospitality did not go away with the apostles. Nor should it have.


It'll be OK

Lunch seems like a long time ago.
I can skip dinner tonight.
Maybe a cup of tea will fill me up.

We have to give the kids something to eat.
Cut the moldy part from that bread and scrape a bit more from the jelly jar.
No, that peanut butter isn't too old to use. Just this one last time.

Water is better than milk.
Didn't you know? Milk is mostly water anyway.
We'll get some milk next week.

No! I will not be a dumpster diver at the Safeway store.

If you go to that church two blocks away, you can eat at their Coffee Hour after church.
I think the kids can sit still through the service. It'll be OK.

I'm going send in more job applications tonight.
They have free internet at the public library.
That new grocery store has 100 teabags for a dollar.

It'll be OK.

(c)2011 Deborah Evans

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