September 11, 2011

9/11 Remembrance: Falling & Flying

9/11 Remebrance: Falling & Flying

 Buildings falling,
 people falling
 planes falling.

 What turns metal into fluid plasma?
 What makes people jump from one hundred story high buildings?
 What makes planes crash headfirst into a field and a Pentagon?

 Metal flying,
 arms and legs and heads and feet flying,
 airplanes flying on missions of death.

 When I watched "The Bodyguard",
 Kevin Costner told Whitney Houston: If someone wants to trade their life for a kill,
 you can't stop them.
 Where were Kevin and Whitney when we needed them?
 Lots of trades happened on 9/11.
 A gang of killers un-stop-able.
 Falling and flying and dying and crying.
 Without warning and without reason,
 people died, people cried.

 People falling into grief,
 into sadness, into madness.
 Falling into war and more dying and more crying.

 Falling into the circle of  metal flying
 and arms and legs flying
 and airplanes on more missions,
 missions of death.

 Falling again and again and again.

 (c) 2011 Deborah Evans

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