October 4, 2011

A Prayer About Food

A Prayer About Food

Lord: Help me to remember my sisters and brothers all over my country and all over the world
Who cannot buy what they want to eat,
Who cannot buy what they need to eat,
Who are never full "after a meal",
Who eat partially-rotten food because that is all there is.

Who eat what's left after their children eat,
Who don't give their children enough to eat because they can't,
Who count the days until they can buy more food,
Who divide every food item two or three times before cooking,
Who miss the favorite food they can no longer buy, or can no longer find.
Who settle for a smell instead of a taste,
Who are thinner than they should be,
Who are malnourished---badly nourished,
 not enough nourished,
 sadly nourished,
 angrily nourished,
 poorly nourished.

There are twenty thousand items in my local "supermarket."
Help me to remember those who struggle to get two items to eat today.

Keep me from the sin of gluttony and "food- greediness"
(Am I mindlessly eating more than I should just because I can?)
Keep me in memory of those whose bodies and souls need more.
Keep me in the action of sharing from my substance.


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