December 29, 2011

2012: Year of Positive Expectation

Best wishes for good success in 2012.
This post is from one of my favorite resources, Postitive Christianity.

As Christians, we should seek the highest level of positivity!


"Whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith."

Matthew 21:22

In my seminars on prayer, I share with people to change the word "prayer"

to "expectation." Some people's prayers are so negative, that they can do

nothing but expect the worst. They pray mainly focused on what they do not

want instead of the positive that they wish to expect. Expecting the

worst blocks God's good. Each person has free-will, and because of that,

God does not force good upon you. Many times we lock ourselves in a

self-imposed prison of concepts of doubt, worry, and limitation.

What are you expecting? The worst? The best?

I pray it is THE BEST. Placing your faith in God’s good is the key to the

good life. To pray with expectancy is to pray with an assurance that each

prayer will be answered by God in a positive way.

You pray with this expectancy this next year, knowing that all your needs will

be met in the right time and the perfect way. As Jesus assured you,

"Whatever you ask in prayer, you WILL receive, if you have faith!”


Your expectation is grounded in your faith in God as the source of all

your good. You expect that you are receiving abundance in your life.

Your needs are being met.

You expect and accept that you were created to be healthy. Your mind is

alert and enthusiastic. Your body is strengthened and filled with energy.

Your joy is overflowing in your soul. The life force of God flows

through you, nourishing and revitalizing each cell. With God as the

source of your good, you expect and accept your good now.

This will be a year of joy. You expect joyful surprise. A small child looks

at his or her surroundings with the joy of seeing great adventures.

Everything is new and worthy of investigation. Nothing is too small or

insignificant to be overlooked.

In 2012, you look at your world with expectant eyes. You find joy in

the smallest task, because you delight in being a part of this great

experience called life.

Joy is more than a state of mind. It is a state of expectation. When you

are feeling the joy of spirit, it comes from deep within you and fills

every part of you. Your inner joy is unshakable because it is founded in God.

Your joy comes from knowing that you are a child of God. You are

connected, needed, loved. You are heir to all the beauty and wonder of

God's abundance and you expect it in your life.

Truly, this is reason enough to be joy-filled and expectant this next year.


Christ is shepherd over you,

Enfolding you on every side.

Christ will not forsake you, hand or foot,

Nor let darkness come near you.

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