December 3, 2011

"Til He Appeared, And The Soul Felt Its Worth"

This blog's post title, "Til he appeared and the soul felt its worth" is a line from one of my favorite Christmas/Advent hymns: "O Holy Night."

He appeared, and the soul felt its worth.

How often do I make mistakes and misjudgements because I do not know or feel my own worth?

It is not arrogant or lacking in humility to know my worth because it is God Alone Who Determines my worth, and God values me so highly as to make Himself like humans, choosing to be one of us, and living among us to reveal Himself to us.

That is an ultimate expression of love.

I mis-step when I allow the world to determine my worth. I mis-judge when I trust other people more than I trust God to tell me who I am and what I am worth. My worth can never be diminished, because my worth comes from God alone.

When this truth lives deeply within my heart and mind, I never sell myself short. I never accept second best for myself. I never give up goals and dreams because those goals and dreams seem to difficult or too distant.

When this truth lives deeply within me, I run away from sin, because I know sin is only "another voice" telling me the wrong thing about who and what I am and what I am worth. Sin is the ultimate expression of selling myself short, of taking meaningless detours to uninteresting places, in search of useless things.

He appeared, and the soul felt its worth.

That is the good news of Christmas.

You can read all of the stanzas of "O Holy Night" here.

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