January 24, 2012

Jesus Christ: The Eternal God-Man

Jesus Christ: The Eternal God-Man

…who forever lives to love us and lead us into life.

A new year’s resolution often looks like this:  “I’m going to get closer to God this year. I’m going to do the right thing.  I’m going to let God create the priorities of my life.”

Who is this God I seek to become closer with? How do I know what is the “right thing”? How do I identify God’s priorities in my life?

Jesus Christ, the Eternal God-Man, told us if we have seen Him, we have seen God the Father. Jesus also told us He would send a Comforter, the Holy Spirit, to remind us of everything Jesus told us and to show us things to come.

This Jesus was many things to many people during His time on earth, and even now He is many things to many people. In His earthly life, He was a Master Teacher and Storyteller, a controversial rabbi, a physical and spiritual healer, an insightful and powerful prophet.  To many people, He is, even now, revered as a great teacher and spiritual guide. He is all of these things, but He is one other thing that makes Him totally unique.

He is God.

Does this sound magical and unbelievable? How can God be limited to live as a person and still be an almighty God? Why would an all-powerful God chose this way of interacting with His creatures? Why wouldn’t God remove all doubt of His existence by becoming so powerfully visible that no one could doubt?

The answer is love.

Most of us are more motivated by love than by fear. I will do more for someone I love than for someone I fear. God desires my love, even while loving me in ways that are difficult for me to understand. God chose to have a human experience in order for us to be able to say “He knows and understands me, because He has been like me, has been where I am, has lived as people live, and has experienced much that exists in the human realm: death, joy, birth, anger, friendship, work, childhood, pain, fear, happiness. And love.”

God’s human experience is love reaching out—both then and now.

Jesus Christ—the Eternal God-Man, is not only proof of God’s power and greatness, but He is Ever-Living  Proof of a love than comes close, that  cares enough to share life with us and lead us into eternal life.
If this is the God I seek to become closer to in 2012, this will be a year like none other.


Anonymous said...

Hi,Deborah. I was going to leave you a

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deborah evans said...

No problem, John. I will take a look at it and let you know what I can do. Please allow me five to seven days to view the site and get back to you.