July 26, 2012

Imagine Eden, Embrace Creation, Dump Randomness

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” –Genesis 1:1

In the beginning of what?

In the beginning of anything we can know, understand, or appreciate, there is God. God is creating, making, loving, shaping, sustaining, and breathing life into everything we know or can know.

Imagine Eden: everything is fresh, perfect, and peacefully fulfilled in its functioning. Two human beings enjoy perfect communication and sharing, relate to each other happily and directly and without any misunderstanding or mis-communication. No thoughts are hidden. In the same way, these persons relate to their Creator and God. There is work to do, but the work is joyful, expressive, richly rewarded, and enjoyable.

Extraordinarily intelligent, these humans have loving custody and care of all created things. Adam is wise enough to name every living, moving being brought to him by God. Eve is Adam’s perfect companion. As wise and worthy as her husband, Eve is lovingly cherished, and together they complement and care for each other and all about them. All the Earth is theirs, and will be their children’s. God is pleased with them and with all they do.

There is only one challenge: resist the temptation of the knowledge of good and evil.

Then comes the Fall.

With the Fall comes the false belief that humans were not created by and for God. The Great Liar tells the humans they “evolved” from "chaos", that they are creatures of chance and randomness, that they have no certain past or future, that they are their own gods, free and able to seek perfection independently of any supernatural being.

It takes thousands of years, but the humans begin to believe and teach each other they are products of a random process, that they “evolved” from something no longer present and barely knowable, that all human beings are simply outcomes of a lucky play of odds.

Is this not the lowest way to describe a person? Just a lucky set of odds that broke through and made it? No eternal life, no eternal purpose. Just a lucky set of odds.

The humans begin to trust “science” over the knowable revelation of a loving, all powerful God. Stories emerge about humans “descending” from ape-like beings no one seems to knows very much about. Everything in the physical world is re-defined as a lucky expression of random coincidence. God becomes an idea to explain what no one really wants to know.

The deceived humans begin to look with pride upon themselves as “higher creatures” who have escaped their animalistic origins. After all, who wants a slug for an ancestor? God origins are laughed at and mocked. Those who teach these things are said to be “less intelligent.”

But it is not too late. If you can, imagine Eden. Call out to the Creator God. Find yourself in Him.

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