December 22, 2012

Christmas Is A Reminder: You Are Worthy

Christmas is a reminder we are completely worthy of God's love, regardless of what we have done and may do in the future.

This is difficult to accept at times, because we have been conditioned to believe only those who are "good" are worthy of love.

Perhaps it would be more correct to say only those who are "good" are usually loved by other humans. Everyone is loved by God.

This defies reason. Why would God love someone who commits horrible crimes, or someone who denies the existence of God?

God loves because that is God's nature. God can do nothing but love.

We know that no human person falls into this category.  In our fallen state, we are capable of love, and we are also capable of great hatred and emnity.  We are dual-natured, not single natured. We can't understand the holy-ness (whole-ness) of God, who has only one nature. That nature is to love.

One Bible teacher describes the incarnation this way: "God contracted to a span." God expressed in a limited human form is an expression of love and solidarity with us. God's willingness to know and feel life as we experience it is an expression of love.

Salvation is an invitation to accept and know this love in our daily lives. By ourselves and on our own, we can't do it. As we invite the whole-ness (holi-ness) of God to live and rule in us, we will know and express the love of God. This love changes us permanently and deeply.

What does your heart say in response to God's outreach of love?

Have a blessed Christmas.

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