April 5, 2014

deliberateLIFE: Living Lent Everyday

As I am making my way through this Lenten season, I am constantly reminded of how much personal choice many of us sacrifice each day. Although we were created for free choice and intentional action, it's easy to fall away from choice and into routine.  Lent feels more challenging because I make choices different from those I've become accustomed to making. I work hard to create a new pattern of eating, or exercising, or praying, or sharing.

After forty days, perhaps I will continue to embrace my new pattern. Perhaps I will softly sigh and return to what I "gave up" for Lent.

deliberateLIFE magazine offers a different way. It's possible to live Lent everyday without feeling deprived or "out of sync". It's possible to live well, happily (much of the time!) and  intentionally without leaving home, quitting your job, traveling around the world,.or giving up brownies. What makes the difference is how deeply and regularly I engage in deliberate, intentional actions born from my heart's desire.

This magazine gave me some workable insight into how to use my power of choice.

Issue #4 of the magazine clearly showed me how everyday people change their corners of the world and make more possibilities seem more real  and more achievable for those who want to broaden their lives and experiences. I learned how a small cottage business creates organic skin care products I would feel good about using. I learned how I can do something personal, tangible, and measurable about the world water crisis.

I learned more about making urban spaces truly livable and green and desirable places for travel, work, and play. Photographs and images inspired me to create a few more vignettes of beauty within my own four walls. I read an essay whose writer shares my perspective on driving a car to live in the big city.  I felt better knowing I am not alone in my desire to "park the car" and put my feet on the ground more often.

A cucumber gin julep is not a bad thing, and Ashley North Compton's recipe in deliberateLife's current issue makes me thing I'd enjoy making one...or two, and sharing with friends. I am always in search of  just one more idea for warm, friendly home entertaining that will make my guests feel relaxed in the middle of a small, happy gathering. I found more ideas in this issue of the magazine.

More than anything, I found inspiration for believing my ideas will make a meaningful, sustained difference in a world where too many things run on "automatic." I am moved to move: Lent is a way of life, made possible by deliberate choices that build and sustain a deliberateLIFE.

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