April 5, 2014

The Truth About Christian Community

Graphic is from reachingcampus.com

More insights from my Lenten reading, this one from  pages 44 and 45 of Joan Chittister's  Wisdom Distilled From The Daily.

"So, even liking one another is not enough. The truth about Christian community is that we have to be committed to the same eternal things together. What we want to live for and how we intend to live out those values are the central questions of community. Without that understanding, communities fail and marriages dissolve and people leave religious life and nations go to war."

"Another function of community is to enable us to be about something greater than ourselves. It is no small task in a world that tells us" (especially in North America--my words) "constantly that we ourselves are enough to be concerned about and that everything else will take care of itself. Well, that kind of enlightened altruism has not saved us from the destruction of the ozone layer, or the deterioration of the centers of our cities, or massive unemployment even among educated upper-middle class executives, or wars against the innocent."

God, help me to be in and about and for community. Now and always.

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