April 4, 2015

#HolySaturday : The Beauty and The Terror

'An ancient homily for Holy Saturday"

Read this work, attributed to Melito. fourth century bishop of Sardis, and you will have a glimpse of how it is possible for beauty and terror to mingle into an expression of God's perfect will.

You will have a sense of the horrific spiritual roller coaster ride endured by  Jesus' disciples during that first Holy Week.

Thrilled by the political triumph of Palm Sunday, the apostles' dreams of a changed world visibly crashed and burned in less than one week.

Betrayal, denial, a sham trial, torture, and execution seemed to overtake their fearless and beloved leader--all within 48 hours.

Afraid to be seen in public, the apostles spent the day we call Holy Saturday in hiding, probably expecting Jesus' fate to overtake them unless they remained secreted away. It appeared everything they invested themselves in for three years had been wiped away, with no fall back position. Terror ruled.

Even though Jesus told them in advance this would happen, no one could have prepared them for the sense of emptiness, meaningless loss, desertion, failure, and futility these men felt. Had it even been real? They had left all to follow Him---now what?

Behind the scenes, something unprecedented was in the works.

The beauty of the Resurrection was waiting to unfold.

But that beauty would not be rushed or squeezed into a human timeframe. It was divine beauty, it was perfect, it was eternal. That beauty would answer every question, solve every problem, meet every need. But it would not be rushed.

Morning would come. They would see Him. And all would be well. All manner of things would be well. Forever.

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