November 14, 2015

How to Pray in the Face of Disaster

How do we pray in the face of disaster?

How often has someone requested our prayers? How often have we offered to pray for someone?

We have good intentions, but after saying a prayer for peace, or health, or success, what else can we bring before God?  What other petitions can we make?

Petitions I have brought to God when asked in pray in the face of a disaster:

1) Everyone making decisions will have a clear head and seek reliable information as a part of the decision making process.

2) Helpers will be supernaturally strengthened and encouraged.

3) Those who oppose good will be blocked, distracted, deterred, and stopped.

4)  God's goodness will be revealed in a unique and undeniable way.

5)  Discouragement will not overcome those who seek the righteous way.

6)  Healing forgiveness--not fearful denials of truth--will overcome evil and hatred.

7)  Judgment will be referred to God alone, but  righteous laws will be upheld and enforced.

Some will welcome our prayers. Others will reject them. Ultimately, prayer benefits the one offering a prayer as least as much as it benefits those we pray for.

 Prayer is the beginning of healing.

 Prayer is the beginning of understanding what is real and what is simply loud and annoying and fear-making.

As my father often said, "Prayer is always in order."

Today and now is the time for prayer.

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