December 23, 2016

Christmas Meditations: Day 1-Francois Fenelon and Madame Guyon

"Loving God more than you love yourself."

Reading Fenelon's and Madame Guyon's work titled Spiritual Progress (available as a free Kindle download), I asked myself this question: what if I loved God more than I loved myself?

How would that experience look and feel to myself and to others? How would I feel about the world? Would I feel deprived, or lessened? Would I feel free and powerful?

How clearly and lovingly would I share my faith? How would I regard those around me?

How much popular media would I consume?

 How generously would I share my time and resources? How much love. compassion, and forgiveness would I demonstrate on a consistent basis? How would I care for my body, mind,  spirit, and emotions?

During the next seven days, allow these questions to frame your thinking for five minutes per day, and join me here as I share my thoughts in response to the question "What if I loved God more than I loved myself?" Use the comments box to share your thoughts.

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