December 27, 2016

Christmas Meditations- Day 5: Becoming More Like Love

Popular wisdom invites us to choose our companions carefully because we usually become more like those with whom we spend time.

Spiritual wisdom teaches us we become more like those we love. Loving God more than we love ourselves guides us to our highest levels of life, goodness, strength, sharing, compassion, and creativity.

We cannot become God, but we can become more like God. It is enough.

Imagine all of the goodness of God: patience, courtesy, caring, shared joy, strength under control, intelligence, creativity, mercy, righteousness.

When we love God more than we love ourselves, we are able to renounce and reject (on a daily basis) every inclination that calls us from our loved one. There is no possibility of loss, useless pain, or soul damage when we love God more.

Even our pains will be converted into personal strength for us  and spiritual salve for others.

Love calls to love, and the answer is always more love.

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