December 29, 2016

The Final Christmas Meditation - Day 7: Fenelon, Guyon, Jesus Christ

From Spiritual Progress, by Fenelon and Guyon

"Jesus Christ was born in a stable; he was obliged to fly (flee) into Egypt; thirty years of his life were spent in a workshop; he suffered hunger, thirst, and weariness ; he was poor, despised and miserable; he taught the doctrines of Heaven, and no one would listen. The great and the wise persecuted and took him, subjected him to frightful torments, treated him as a slave and put him to death between two malefactors, having preferred to give liberty to a robber, rather than to suffer him (Jesus) to escape. Such was the life which our Lord chose..."

And we follow Him because He knows and has lived the most difficult of human experiences. He understands us. He chose to experience human pain, joy, disappointment, death, and life. He knows how we feel when we pour our hearts open to Him.

He was high in heavenly splendor. He came low and among us to experience the hardest of things. He ascended back to heaven, where He watches over it all. He will speak to you if you speak to Him. He is the God Who Gets It.

Accept the offered mercy; love Him more.

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